Reb David

Marriage, and More.

Reb David

David Herz

I am available for the “solemnization of your marriage.” As a ULC minister, I uphold these two core tenets:

  1. Do only that which is right.
  2. Every individual is free to practice [his] religion however [he] like[s] as long as [his] actions do not impinge upon the rights or freedoms of others and are in accordance with the law.

It is possible I take a somewhat more restrictive view of what is right and “the law” than most ULC ministers. I expect I am more generous on what constitutes impingement.

That which is right is the marriage of one man to one woman to perpetuate the core structure of our society, the family. It is the only proper way to celbrate life.

Further, I can not solemnize the marriage of Jews. As a religious jew myself, I would be unlikely to properly accord with the law that is relevant to the marriage of Jews.


  • Marriage
  • pre-marital ministry (if desired)
  • Ceremony
  • Registration of your Certificate
  • The Responsibilities of a Successful Marriage Guidebook
  • Preferred pricing on pre-nuptial agreements at Herz Law
  • $300

    on site only
  • Death
  • Consult with family to craft Eulogy
  • Deliver it
  • Preferred pricing on probate work at Herz Law
  • $750

    surcharges apply if out of regular service areas.
  • Life and Living
  • Coaching: You getting what You want out of Your Life.
  • Calendar Worship: reclaiming your time so your world respects you.
  • Flow: lifestyle design to amplify your effectiveness at home and work.
  • Accountability:
    You keeping Your Word to Yourself!
  • For more, visit Herz Coaches

What “they” say:

Steven C. Solomon

Whip-smart good guy.

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Bridgeport, CT, US

Phone: (203) 576-6608

Email: david@rebdavid.com